Early years - Problems may occur around eating, sleeping, toileting, separation difficulties, clingy behaviour, tantrums, or the child may seem not to be making developmental progress.

Primary school age - Children may become anxious, upset, sad, aggressive, withdrawn, fail to play or make friends. They may bully or feel bullied or develop phobias. Sometimes they fail to achieve and lack confidence. Some may struggle with transitions.

Adolescents and young adults - Can suffer from anxiety, depression, loss of interest, difficulties in concentration, mood swings, disturbed eating and sleeping patterns and relationship problems. Some may harm themselves whilst others may display aggressive outbursts and get in trouble at school, college or with the law. This can affect their education and future career.

Learning Difficulties - There are often emotional and behavioural difficulties which derive from, or are linked to, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and speech & language impairments. These may hinder the child's progress in specialists' treatments and at school, or have social implications. I can work in collaboration with the parents and the professional team around the child. 

Parents and families - At times parents feel concerned about their children and may find it helpful to have a separate space to develop better understanding and think about their role as parents. Work with parents is also offered in parallel with individual psychotherapy for the child/adolescent. I work with families to address family relationships.

Fostering and Adoption - I work with children in adoption and foster care, their families and the professional network around them.
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